Waterproof coats for greyhound

Isy, a native of Falkirk with extensive knowledge of the textile production sector, founded The Whippet Coats. Janice, her right-hand lady and sister, assists her in the Workshop.
Growing up in Falkirk, Isy and Janice pursued careers in textile manufacture. After completing their high school education, they spent over two decades working as seamstresses in several textile factories. Issy and Janice looked for jobs abroad as Scotland's commercial sewing sector began to deteriorate. Waterproof coats for greyhound After a few years, Isy and Janice work in different fields—Janice in a local car dealership, and Isy as a cab driver—but as they are sisters, they naturally stay close and frequently spend the weekends on the Scottish shore with their families and dogs.
With a fleece inside and exquisite quilted fabric construction, this amazing outdoor waterproof coat will keep your dog toasty and cozy. If your dog is very sensitive to the cold, this is a great option for them. The snood neck can be pushed up over the ears or folded back, and it features a cozy, toasty underbelly protection for added warmth.
The coat has a neck hole where the collar and lead may be attached, or for an additional fee, a harness hole can be added.

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